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How to deploy nestjs app to vercel

Published at  at 07:04 PM
  1. Create an api/restful.js file with the following content:


    Or create an api/restul.ts file with:

  2. Create a vercel.json file with the following content:

      "framework": null,
      "outputDirectory": ".",
      "buildCommand": "npm run build",
      "functions": {
        "api/*.js": {
          "memory": 1024,
          "maxDuration": 10
      "rewrites": [
          "source": "/api(.*)",
          "destination": "/api/restful"
          "source": "/(.*)",
          "destination": "/public"
  3. Deploy by executing vercel deploy or vercel deploy --prod.

  4. Locally development:

    1. You can just execute vercel dev -l 3100, which automatically loads the .env file. You may need to run npx nest build --watch together.
    2. Execute dotenv npx nest start --watch which manually loads the .env file. I found --watch doesn’t work in this way.
    3. Execute npx nest start --watch which needs to add the following content in your codes to load the .env file:
      export const isNestDev = !process.env.JWT_SECRET;
      if (isNestDev) {
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